Energy Issues

In the ongoing debate around clean and renewable energy, the reality is often overlooked: the industry is popular, productive and growing. From clean energy’s benefits to national security to its support from major investors; from its bipartisan backing across America to its established affordability; and from its nationwide reach to its millions of jobs – the facts on clean and renewable energy tell a clear and compelling story.

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RT @KErecharge: PTC-supported #wind in US Midwest selling for ~$0.03/kWh. "It's power for nothing," says BlackRock Infrastructure MD. #REFF
27% of new homes built in California have solar installed. Woah. #REFFWS
After years of waiting, America’s offshore wind sector is finally taking off. Europe already has 60k offshore jobs.
Last year, Indiana and Ohio repealed pro-clean energy policies. Data shows that was a mistake.
The world added more electricity capacity from renewables than fossil fuels last year. The cleantech boom continues!



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