Clean and renewable energy is produced or used in every state in America. The total amount of renewable energy – measured in megawatts, gallons of fuel or U.S. households – has never been higher, and companies helping to supply the industry are in almost every American community. The South, Midwest and Mountain states are now seeing the benefits of affordable, clean energy – energy that Americans rely on more every day.

Key Stats

  • 73%: Percent of registered voters that support extending the Production Tax Credit, including 63% of registered Republicans. (Source: AWEA,
  • 530%: Increase in global wind energy capacity by 2030 if a strong international climate accord is passed. (Source: GreenPeace,
  • 25 million: Gallons of cellulosic ethanol produced per year from non-food farm waste at POET-DSM’s Project Liberty. (Source: The Hill,
  • 7: Consecutive years that U.S. solar energy generation has doubled, including 2014. (Source: Washington Examiner,
  • 20%: Share of America’s electricity portfolio that will come from wind energy by 2030. (Source: NBC,
  • 27%: Portion of new electricity capacity added in the U.S. since 2007 that came from wind energy. (Source: U.S. Department of Energy,
  • 12,000 MW: Wind energy capacity in Texas, the most in the U.S. (Source: USA Today,
  • 120x: Growth of U.S. solar energy capacity in the last 10 years. (Source: Environment Pennsylvania,
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Latest News

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Regional Briefing: Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean

— American Council On Renewable Energy, May 2014,

Implications of a PTC Extension on U.S. Wind Deployment

— National Renewable Energy Laboratory, April 2014,

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