Investment in clean and renewable energy is at record levels. The U.S. now leads global clean energy investment, clean technology is the leading venture capital category, major new clean energy investment funds have recently launched, and innovative firms are raising tens of millions in new funding. While the sector is not without the challenges facing any growing industry, there is clear and broad financial support for clean and renewable energy.

Key Stats

  • $310 billion: Global clean energy investment in 2014, a 16% increase from 2013 levels. (Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance,
  • $960 billion: Global investment in energy efficiency upgrades for existing commercial buildings from 2014 – 2023. (Source: Navigant Research,
  • $2.8 billion: The value of the coupled solar energy and storage industry by 2018. (Source: Lux Research,
  • 60%: U.S. support for a carbon tax that funnels revenue into renewable energy investment. (Source: USA Today,
  • $63.6 billion: Global investment in clean energy in the 2nd quarter of 2014. (Source: Bloomberg,
  • $14.6 billion: Total annual volume of green bonds in 2013, up from $2 billion in 2012. (Source: Karbone,
  • 3x: Increase in investment by U.S. utilities in energy efficiency programs since 2006. (Source: Los Angeles Times,
  • 70%: Proportion of business leaders that support increased government investment in renewable energy. (Source: ACORE,
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Latest News

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— U.S. Partnership for Renewable Energy Finance, April 2014,

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— Brookings Institute, April 2014,

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— United Nations Environment Program, April 2014,

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“The market is really vibrant, with lots of transaction potential…It is absolutely core to the success of the company.”

— Catherine B. Pessant, Global Technology and Operations Executive, Bank of America – June 2012,

“We are all-in. We are going to invest what it takes … Because I know by 2020 this is going to be at least a $1 billion product line. I don’t care about Solyndra or any of that other stuff.”

— Jeff Immelt, CEO, General Electric – November 2011,

“It’s our hope that more and more of these deals get done.”

— Chris Yonan, project finance director at Barclays Capital – March 2012,

“The progress of renewables has been nothing short of remarkable. You have record investment in the midst of an economic and financial crisis.”

— Achim Steiner, United Nations Environment Program Executive Secretary — November 2011,

Clean energy investing “is another emerging opportunity we think will be quite large.”

— Stuart Bernstein, head of Goldman Sachs clean technology and renewables investment banking group – May 2012,

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