Right now, there are well over a million Americans working in the clean and renewable energy industry. Whether they are construction workers building a solar plant, auto workers assembling a hybrid vehicle, manufacturing plant workers turning out hydropower components, electricians wiring a LEED-certified building, or entrepreneurial veterans bringing ideas from the battlefield to the homefront – they are real Americans doing real jobs. And their numbers are growing.

Key Stats

  • 1.3%: Portion of jobs added in the U.S. since 2013 by the solar industry. (Source: The Solar Foundation,
  • 20,000: Jobs supported in Nevada by Tesla’s lithium-ion battery “gigafactory” over the next 20 years (Source: ABC News,
  • 13,000: Jobs supported by the wind industry in Kansas since 2004. (Source: Wichita Eagle,
  • 5,000: Jobs in Colorado supported by wind energy. (Source: The Denver Post,
  • 5,600: Amount of clean energy jobs added in the U.S. in Q1 of 2014 (Source: Environmental Entrepreneurs,
  • 6.5 million: Jobs supported by renewable energy worldwide. (Source: IRENA,
  • 852,056: Jobs supported in the U.S. by the renewable fuels industry. (Source: Fuels America,
  • 96,875: Jobs in Illinois supported by clean energy. (Source: Crain's Chicago Business,
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Latest News

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Clean Energy Works For Us: First Quarter 2014 Report

— Environmental Entrepreneurs, June 2014,

Clean Energy Works For Us: 2013 Year-In-Review and Q4 Report

— Environmental Entrepreneurs, March 2014,

Veterans In Solar: Securing America’s Energy Future

— The Solar Foundation, February 2014,

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“The wind power movement is providing us with a unique opportunity to advance energy as industry,”

— New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R),

“We cannot overlook the impact of the wind industry on economic development and jobs in Iowa,”

— Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (R),

“Green jobs are already an important part of the construction labor workforce, and signs are that they will become industry standard.”

— Harvey Bernstein, vice president, Industry Insights and Alliances for McGraw-Hill Construction,

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